What is seed cycling?

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Seed Cycling is a way to balance your hormones, the natural way. As such, it is one of the most powerful ways to use food as medicine.

Seed Cycling can be described as a form of ‘menstrual biohacking’, as the technique guides your body into a natural rhythm that supports optimal hormone balance.

Currently trending in the wellness world, this nutritional and naturopathic technique has long been utilised as a natural way to alleviate symptoms associated with hormonal imbalances, such as hormonal acne, irregular periods, and PMS symptoms.

The process involves consuming 4 key seeds; flaxseeds, pumpkin, sunflower, and sesame seeds to support your body’s hormones, bring them into balance.

With hormone health in the spotlight and a hot topic, we are learning more about the female sex hormones (estrogen and progesterone) and their influence on many aspects of health, from weight, energy levels and even mood.

How seed cycling can help

The concept behind seed cycling is that these particular seeds carry important oils, vitamins and minerals which can assist your body to support the production and elimination of key hormones, as well as unlock optimal hormone balance. The blends are high in vitamins and minerals such as zinc and selenium which can help support hormone release.

By eating these seeds during specific times of the month, you give your body access to the building blocks, natural fats and lignans contained within to support specific hormone production, including the key female sex hormones, estrogen and progesterone. Lignans specifically, are a group of compounds found in plant foods such as flax seeds and sesame seeds. These are types of phytoestrogen which come with many health benefits.

The combination of organic ground, flax seeds and pumpkin seeds allow the body to detoxify the additional estrogen whilst the combination of organic, ground sunflower seeds and sesame seeds used within the luteal stage helps with progesterone generation. The lignans in sesame seeds and flax seeds can help harmonise and modulate estrogen levels.  

Learn more about the nutritional benefits of the individual seeds here.

About The Seed Cycle

The Seed Cycle is a small Aussie business with a big mission of helping women feel their best, every day. All great things that bloom start with a small seed, and for our founder Mel Kovacevic, this was planted at her wellness clinic, Functional Health Canberra.

Mel’s clients regularly came to her hormonal issues like mood irregularity, acne, weight gain, and difficulty conceiving. These health-savvy women did not want to resort to bandaid solutions like The Pill or other medications that could potentially do their body more harm than good. 

Mel thought ‘there has got to be a better, more natural way to help these women find relief’. Following extensive research, she found her answer: Seed cycling! Making waves in wellness circles in the US, this menstrual biohacking method uses nutrients (not artificial hormones) to achieve hormone balance.

After learning everything there was to know about this groundbreaking method, Mel helped her EFT clients build a bespoke seed cycling routine around their unique hormonal needs. 

Within a short time frame, she witnessed transformations that were nothing short of remarkable. One client who had struggled for over a year to conceive fell pregnant within weeks. Others who had tried everything to control their acne or manage their weight finally felt in control again for the first time in years!

There was only one problem. As busy women, Mel’s clients struggled to keep up with their daily seed routine. Amidst their chaotic schedules, they would often forget to include them into their days, not have time to prepare them or simply run out.  

This led to Mel’s lightbulb moment! What they really needed was a convenient already done-for-you solution — tailored to their individual hormonal needs — and delivered to their doorstep every single month. All they would need to do is take the recommended dosage (two tablespoons) of their pre-packaged seed blend daily and get excited to start feeling better, every day.

It was from here that The Seed Cycle bloomed, and we are so thrilled to bring this revolutionary Australian-first solution to you. The Seed Cycle helps you unlock the benefits of seed cycling with the ultra-convenient Subscription and delicious Bake Mixes.  Our signature blends provide the perfect dosage of seeds for every stage of your cycle. 

The Seed Cycle Signature Blends

Curated seed blends to support natural hormone balance. Our signature Phase 1 and Phase 2 blends provide the perfect dosage of freshly ground, certified organic seeds for every stage of your cycle. It’s the easiest way to make seed cycling a non-negotiable part of your daily routine (you’ll barely have to think about).

The Seed Cycle blends are sold together in an easy-to-follow 1 month pack to provide the perfect dose at every stage of your cycle. 

Simply purchase a one-off pack or secure a subscription to ensure you never run out! 

Nutrition Phase 1 Blend

Pumpkin Seeds and Flaxseeds are rich in omega 3 essential fatty acids and nutrients including zinc and selenium. These are vital for healthy hormones. The seeds are a great source of fibre and lignans which are important in healthy estrogen metabolism while preventing estrogen dominance. Together, these seeds naturally support healthy hormone levels.

One scoop of The Seed Cycle Phase 1 gives you:

More than 100% of the recommendation for omega-3 (ALA)

25% of your daily magnesium

14% of your daily manganese

12.5% of your daily zinc

7% of your daily iron

6% of your daily selenium

Phase 2 Blend

Sesame Seeds and Sunflower Seeds contain lignans and essential fatty acids like omega 6 that help block excess estrogen and support healthy hormone balance. Sunflower seeds also provide a great source of selenium and Vitamin E which helps support the liver with detoxification. Vitamin E plays a major role in balancing the functioning of the nervous and endocrine system by naturally working to balance hormones. 

One scoop of The Seed Cycle Phase 2 gives you: 

47% of your daily vitamin E

20% of your daily magnesium

10% of your daily calcium

9.5% of your daily iron

6% of your daily selenium

6% of your daily zinc

As you can see The Seed Cycle give your body a big health boost!

Currently, there is a huge opportunity for further research into the specific benefits of seed cycling on hormonal health. However, there is an extensive body of existing research that demonstrates the benefits of specific seeds for hormone health.

Have comments, questions or feedback? Need help deciding if seed cycling is right for you? We’d love to hear from you. Leave us a message or email us on hello@theseedcycle.com.au and a member of the friendly Seed Cycle team will get back to you within 24 hours.

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