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The Seed Cycle Bundle

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Includes a 1 month pack (Phase 1 and 2) Brownie Mix, Biscuit Mix and a beautiful bamboo lunchbox set as a FREE GIFT (Limited Time ONLY)

Perfect for yourself if you’re new to seed cycling or give the gift of natural hormone balance to a friend or family member.

Certified Organic Seeds | Natural PMS Support | Australian Owned | Recyclable Packaging.


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Curated seed blends and delicious seed cycling bake mixes to support natural hormone balance. Unlock the benefits of seed cycling with ultra-convenient packs designed by our team of experts. It’s the easiest way to make seed cycling a non-negotiable part of your daily routine you barely have to think about.

Key Benefits

Seed cycling has been used for hundreds of years to alleviate symptoms associated with hormonal imbalances and can assist with:

 ✓  Irregular periods

 ✓ Supports fertility and conception

 ✓ Heavy and painful periods

 ✓ Painful PMS symptoms

 ✓ Hormonal acne and skin breakouts 

 ✓ Fertility struggles

 ✓ Menopause symptoms

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What's Included in the Bundle:

Phase 1 Day 1-14 Blend

Crafted using organic pumpkin seeds and flaxseeds, this blend delivers a powerful dose of Omega 3 fatty acids and essential nutrients including zinc and selenium. Together, these seeds naturally support healthy hormone levels. Plus this blend provides a great source of fibre and lignans which foster healthy estrogen metabolism while preventing estrogen dominance.

Our Phase 1 Blend is ideal for women during the Menstrual and Follicular phase of their cycle. The flaxseeds and linseeds contained in this blend may be beneficial for women experiencing PCOS and may lower the occurrence of excess hair growth and acne. Plus, these seeds can assist with pre-menstrual breast tenderness.

Phase 2 Day 15-28 Blend

A curated mix of both sesame seeds and sunflower seeds, this blend naturally supports healthy hormone balance. Each seed is brimming with lignans and Omega 6 fatty acids that work together to keep our estrogen levels in check. Plus, the sunflower seeds in this blend deliver a great source of selenium and Vitamin E which may assist with liver detoxification. 

Our Phase 2 Blend is perfect for women during the Ovulation and Luteal phase of their cycle. These seeds are rich in Vitamin E, playing a big role in balancing our nervous and endocrine system to restore optimal hormone levels in the body.

In our beautiful box and sleeve packaging, usually only available for instore retail.

The Seed Cycle Brownie Mix

Our Seed Cycle Brownie Mix is a simple and delicious way to enjoy The Seed Cycle Phase 1 blend. The Brownies are made with unrefined ingredients including raw cocao powder, almond meal, rapadura sugar, flaxseeds and pumpkin seeds, making it the perfect snack for people with sensitivities or allergies to gluten and dairy products.

The brownies are made for chocolate lovers who don’t want to spend hours in the kitchen over a dessert recipe. This mix has been designed to require only basic cooking skills; and with very short preparation times in mind, to ensure that seed cycling does not impact on your daily activities or commitments.

The Seed Cycle Biscuit Mix

The Seed Cycle Biscuit Mix is a tasty way to incorporate our Phase 2 blend to your everyday lifestyle. The biscuits, which include natural ingredients such as buckwheat flower, rapadura sugar and desiccated coconut, are sure to be a favourite with you, and your hormones. These mouth-watering treats have been designed with convenience and taste in mind and will give you the perfect amount of nutrients while taking care of your cravings for something sweet!

The biscuits have been made for the coffee and biscuit treat lover or afternoon tea devotee. This mix has been designed to require only basic cooking skills; and with very short preparation times in mind, to ensure that seed cycling does not impact on your daily activities or commitments.

Packaged recyclable and compostable materials with sustainability always in mind. Wholefood, Natural Ingredients, Certified Organic Seeds and Australian Made.


A beautiful bamboo lunchbox set as a FREE GIFT to make your seed cycling even more fun!


Weight 2.3 kg
Dimensions 30 × 25 × 26 cm

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  2. Verified Buyer (verified owner)

    Makes it so easy to seed cycle with these products. The biscuits are my fav!

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