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  • seed cycle bake mix packaging with plate of brownies and biscuits

    The Seed Cycle Bake Mix Subscription

    $60.00 every 4 weeks

    Purchase The Seed Cycle Brownie Mix Duo, which includes the Phase 1 Brownie Mix and Phase 2 Biscuit Mix.

    Save $5 each month on a subscription + FREE SHIPPING Australia wide.

    Ability to choose which seed cycling products you would like to receive each month.

    Put your subscription on hold or cancel anytime.

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  • Two canisters 'of The Seed Cycle product on a circular marble tray. One of the canisters is laying on it's side with seed pouring out. There are two Autumn leaves sitting next to the packaging, which is on an orange and creamy yellow backdrop. The Seed Cycle Subscription.

    The Seed Cycle Subscription

    $50.00 every 4 weeks

    Subscribe and SAVE $5 per month + FREE shipping within Australia.

    Enjoy the convenience of having The Seed Cycle products shipped to you each month automatically.

    Put your subscription on hold or cancel anytime. 

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