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Let’s not sugar coat it, hormones can be complex. As someone who has
grappled with irregular cycles and hormonal imbalances for years, I understand
first-hand the challenges that many women face when they (virtually) sit across
from me, in my clinic, seeking natural solutions to puzzling reproductive

You know how the story goes; cyclical bloating, cramping, breakouts, sore
breasts, mood swings, headaches and fatigue. Ah, the joys of being a woman.
For some ladies, these symptoms are much more stubborn, frustrating and
even debilitating.

My role as a clinical nutritionist has always inspired me to test out new health
rituals and products for myself, before I can feel comfortable recommending
them to clients. So when I came across such a convenient and practical solution
like ‘The Seed Cycle’, I just had to give it a go for myself. And here’s what I

Seed cycling is a holistic practice that embraces the functional properties of
food. Traditionally, seeds like flax seeds, pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds and
sunflower seeds have been recognised for their nutritional profile, in addition to
their ability to balance the body’s natural hormonal fluctuations (namely of
oestrogen and progesterone). These benefits are thanks to compounds such as
lignans, essential fatty acids, zinc and selenium.

After just two months of consistent seed cycling, I noticed a shift in my
hormonal balance and experienced great benefits in my emotional and physical
premenstrual symptoms. I felt calmer around the time of my period and had
more energy, less breakouts and far less breast tenderness than usual.
And that’s not all. My cycle began to regulate and my period became more
predictable, as if like clockwork. As someone who has grappled with
inconsistent menstrual bleeds in the past (45-77 day cycles), I’m pleased to
report my last two cycles have both been exactly 30 days apart.

And the best part? The seeds were delicious and were easily incorporated into
my daily routine. I enjoyed the seeds in smoothies, on breakfast bowls, sprinkled
through salads and stirred through yoghurt. I’m a big believer that health
should be sustainable, achievable and enjoyable - so ‘The Seed Cycle’ got a big
tick, tick, tick from me!

I’m early days into seed cycling, but this simple ritual already feels like a game
changer for my reproductive health. This personal journey has given me
confidence to take charge of my own hormonal health and to help my
wonderful clients do the same.

Seed cycling infographic downloadable seed cycling tracker

For those curious about seed cycling but concerned about the practical aspects
of sourcing and measuring seeds, ‘The Seed Cycle’ offers a convenient and
user-friendly solution that is nutritionist-approved. By providing your body with
the building blocks it needs for hormone production and metabolism you may
achieve a more balanced and harmonious cycle. But the benefits are not just
isolated to your reproductive system. A healthier menstrual cycle may lower
your stress levels, boost your energy, increase your self-confidence and improve
your overall wellbeing.

Whilst you might observe positive changes within your initial month of seed
cycling, substantial enhancements in menstrual-related symptoms typically
become evident after 3-4 cycles (months). Therefore, it's important to maintain
consistency and practice patience as you work with your body through this
process. I invite you to think of your menstrual cycle as a monthly report card
from your body. And if you can feel that something is out of balance, be sure to
work with a healthcare practitioner that you trust to identify the root cause and
provide personalised guidance.

Chloe Louise
Nutritionist at Innerform Health


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