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Natural hormone balance has arrived

The Seed Cycle. Helping busy women restore natural hormone balance with Australia’s first seed cycling solution.

What is seed cycling?

Seed cycling is an all-natural technique that combines the best of nutritional and naturopathic practices to restore hormonal balance for women. 

Think of it like biohacking your menstrual cycle! 

The process involves consuming 4 key seeds; flaxseeds, pumpkin, sunflower, and sesame seeds at specific times of the month to support your body’s hormones and bring them into balance.

The concept behind seed cycling is that these particular seeds carry important oils, vitamins and minerals to support the production and elimination of key female hormones, estrogen and progesterone.  

Seed cycling is used to ease symptoms associated with hormonal imbalances such as acne, PMS, heavy or irregular periods and menopause.

Seed cycling for natural hormone balance

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Do you struggle with PMS symptoms, painful and irregular periods, hormonal acne and skin breakouts? 

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Does it often feel like your hormones are in the driver’s seat of your life, rather than the other way around?

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Have you tried everything under the sun to balance your hormones with no success, and are starting to lose faith that you’ll find a solution?

Want to know if seed cycling can work for you? 

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Our Mission

We believe every woman deserves to feel their best, every day of the month. Pain, bloating, mood swings and acne can wreak havoc on your confidence and leave you feeling like a shell of yourself. Unfortunately, the existing solutions aren’t much better, with health-savvy women hesitant to put their health and fertility at risk.

The good news is, there is a natural method to help you restore hormone balance and start thriving in your life again. We’ve seen firsthand the positive impact seed cycling has had on our clients. Now, we want to help more women discover the benefits of this revolutionary technique with our seed cycling products and subscription service.


After just one month using the seed cycle I noticed changes to my skin. My hormonal acne cleared and has since been under control. After two months, I came off the pill after 6 years and so far my cycle has been regular to exactly 28 days. I look forward to continue using the seed cycle as it continues to regulate my cycle and hormonal symptoms for months to come.

Adriana, Sydney

Best decision I’ve made! The seed cycle is the easiest seed cycling system I have used! Come pre ground and all instructions are so easy to follow and assistance from the team to help my journey !

What a difference seed cycling has made to my life! My skin has cleared, period pain has eased dramatically, my pms has become more bare able and less erratic! Forever going to be customer best decision I’ve made.

Steph Pascali, Sydney

I’ve been doing Seed Cycling with Melissa and the Seed Cycle for a few months and found it really good for helping my cycle become more reliable and regular. Having it pre prepared has been great as measuring it out is just one more thing to have to think about! I can just buy the product and sprinkle the recommended amount onto my yoghurt each day. I’m grateful for a non-medicated option to deal with my hormones. Highly recommend this product and service.

Virginia Wells, Canberra

Featured In 

Goodness Me

Melissa Kovacevic Founder of The Seed Cycle featured in Game Changing Women In The Health Food Industry!

Wellbeing Magazine 

The Seed Cycle 1 Month Pack is featured for WellBeing Be-You-T awards 2022. The Be-You-T awards are all about natural health and wellness, bringing the best all-natural Australian beauty buys.

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Resources about seed cycling

Here's some resources that will help you understand more about seed cycling and how it works.

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